Anand and Adamo – A Modern Fairy Tale

There are fairy tales and magical moments in life, but – alas! – they happen only rarely. Yet, as they do occur occasionally, we never cease to hope that one day the Almighty – or whosoever is in charge of miracles might favor us with one. In Anand’s case, a rather stylish triple-wonder happened. That is how:
As is the habit of wives, his better half had rushed into a shop just for a little while, or so she had claimed, pulling their little daughter behind her. The desire to increase her worldly possessions was written all over her pretty face, while boredom was written all over Anand’s as he first patiently, then irritably waited for their return at the curb. They did not pop up.
Instead, just when Anand was about to fall asleep behind the wheel, someone in a rented car knocked at his window asking for directions. A rather tired Anand first kept sitting while explaining, yet suddenly felt a rush of kindness surging through his being and got out of the car not only to be able to communicate better, but to physically point the guy into the right direction.
That done, the recipient of his kindness not only professed eternal gratitude, but introduced himself after a few minutes of small talk as Adamo from Italy, a fashion designer with Armani, and gave his card.
He further claimed that Armani had held a show in Dubai the previous night, which Anand knew to be true, as he – every inch the fashionista – had personally attended it. Adamo then said that at the end of the show his boss had given him three suits as fringe benefit. They were, however, too big for his smallish frame, but would be perfect for Anand’s bigger one.
His tiredness gone, Anand’s eyes grew big, as Adamo opened the back door of his car and pulled out three suits, all in Armani bags, and made Anand try one jacket on. The fit was just right.
Being a bit suspicious by nature and very aware of the baser aspects of human nature, Anand’s first thought was that this was a trick case in the making and very curious about how Adamo would proceed.
Well, Adamo pointed out that he did not exactly want to sell these items, but needed some money to buy a birthday gift for his secretary who sat in the car smiling a million-dollar-smile. Moreover, her birthday happened to be today. Anand instantly rushed to her side and wished her many happy returns.
Adamo winked that from him she expected a bit more than good wishes, namely an I-phone, for which he did, after all, need some cash. While Anand smelled more of an opportunity than a rat, his wife and daughter joined him.
Under their critical eyes, he told Adamo that he did not carry more than the equivalent of 200 Euro, what would cover barely half the cost of an I-phone. He did not want to risk more in case this episode would turn out to be just one hoax in the line of the many hoaxes occurring these days.
To his surprise and delight, Adamo handed him all three suits for a price that – fake or no fake – was worth paying for three well fitting suits. As he had ogled Armani suits and felt their material quite often in shops he knew that there they would cost about 30 times more than he had shelled out. And, what the hell, even if they were fakes, they were still a smart investment.
With the grin of a cat that had just swallowed a mouse, he told me the moral of the story was that it did not cost much to be nice to strangers. I did not say anything but thought that with his good looks and poise even the cheapest outfit would look like a genuine Armani.


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